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FNP Military Books

FNP Military Press is a family owned business with over 40 years of publishing experience. FNP's Mission is simple; to provide customers with only the highest quality and historically accurate Military books. FNP Military Press was founded by 8th Army Air Force Combat Veteran, John J. O’Neil. We know of no other Military Publisher that can place their roots in the ten man crew of a B-17 Bomber. FNP Military Press is dedicated to preserving the memory and the sacrifices of all our veterans for generations to come.

WWII News Headlines

Pathfinders and Night Missions

In November 1943 after our first seven missions with the 95th Bomb Group, which included four raids during the notorius "Black Week" of mid-October 1943, my crew and I were sent to the 482nd Bomb Group at Alconbury to train on the Pathfinder blind-bombing technique being developed at that time, using the British "Oboe" and "Stinky" radar equipment.   Read More...

Interview - Stephen O’Neil & John J. O’Neil (11/29/89)

John O’Neil dutifully served his country. At the age of eighteen, on July 3, 1941, Joe (as he was referred to in his family) established in the United States Army. At that time, all able-bodied young men owed a year of service in the armed forces; Joe enlisted to complete his duty ahead of schedule. During his first six months, however, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and the United States officially entered the war. His assignment was no longer for one year; Joe was now a valued soldier in the war for the duration.   Read More...

How Mickey Mouse Helped Win The War

This is the story of the man who brought "Mickey Mouse" to the Air War in Europe for the U.S. Army Eight Air Force. This wasn't the Mickey Mouse of Walt Disney Studios. This was the "Mickey Mouse" developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory. This was the "TOP SECRET" U.S. project that involved American's first deployment of aircraft equipped with Air to Ground Radar. One of the greatest claims of the Eight Air Force is that neither enemy fighters nor enemy flak ever turned back a single mission. The same couldn't be said of European weather. Many missions were scrubbed, aborted or recalled because of the poor weather conditions to or over to target area. "Mickey Mouse" was about to change that.   Read More...

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